Steven Kamali Hospitality

A collective of hospitality-focused service providers, founded by Steven Kamali.  Ooperating four distinct business units to assist in all aspects of hospitality personnel and asset management. From consulting and strategic decision-making at Hospitality House to acquisitions and management at SKH Realty and Hamptons Hotel Group to food and beverage job placement at The Chef Agency, the team at Steven Kamali Hospitality brings together a wide variety of industry backgrounds and experiences.



Known for his “golden touch,” hospitality expert and entrepreneur Steven Kamali is the leading advisor, developer, and deft-risk mitigator between the investment and hospitality worlds. He advises partners and clients on some of the most highprofile projects to ever hit New York and beyond.


















The chef agency

The Chef Agency is a Hospitality Recruitment and Placement Agency, an affiliate of Steven Kamali Hospitality. 

The Chef Agency assists Hotel + Food and Beverage operators across the globe in identifying and selecting acclaimed executive, mid-level chefs and talented upper-level executives to create leading operations with trusted and valued employees

eat. drink. recruit. repeat.


Provides Food and Beverage strategy, support, and real estate services throughout North America. Founded in 2001 by Steven Kamali, Hospitality House was created with the intent of providing Food and Beverage solutions to the Hospitality and Real Estate communities. Their culture thrives on a passion for F+B, which is integrated into a disciplined business approach. Headquartered in New York City, we service all sectors of the hospitality community including REIT’s, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Hotel Managers, and Owners/Developers. 

food, beverage, & everything in between

Hamptons hotel group

Hamptons Hotel Group employs a real estate philosophy driven by value-add acquisitions of signature-location hotel and resort properties. The core ideology of the platform focuses on maximizing cash flow and optimizing asset value through strategic repositioning.

Hamptons Hotel Group expertise is rooted in inspiring and delivering innovative design and destination Food & Beverage venues with strong local management and operational efficiencies.

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