Park Central Hotel

The 761-room historic hotel, with extensive history, underwent a complete rebrand. A celebrated past - with celebrity clientele. Over the decades, Park Central has accommodated luminaries from Jackie Gleason, Mae West and Glenn Miller to Tommy Dorsey and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Each guest was made to feel like the center of everything. That attitude still holds true to this day.

Interiors by acclaimed Jeffrey Bears International. Design touches throughout pay subtle homage to the lushness of Central Park, as well as several renowned cultural venues within a 3-block radius. Red-walled bathrooms adorned with white porcelain tiles arranged in a piano-like pattern, a playful homage to Carnegie Hall. Living-room styled lounge with gray neutral palette and graphic pops of jade green, and carpeting reminiscent of New York traffic patterns. 

Legendary New York energy, iconic landmarks, and an approach to service that makes each guest - central to it all.

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a love letter to new york city
— jeffrey bears international
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