Mission Athletecare

A line of personal care products specifically designed for athletes, endorsed by athletes and partially created by athletes—many of whom are also stakeholders.

When the New York-based Mission Athletecare brought a new consumer category to market three years ago it also brought a new style of athlete endorsement. Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat didn't just go on ESPN's SportsCenter to talk about Mission Athletecare’s Court Grip, he tried out a half-dozen successive versions and then suggested a more user-friendly redesign of the applicator. "It becomes part of me," Wade said, "rather than me being part of it."




With it's ergonomic award-winning packaging, Court Grip is a traction enhancer for indoor court athletes. This proprietary, breakthrough formula co developed by Dwyane Wade has been approved for play by the NCAA, NFHS and NBATA. It is easily applied to the bottom of the sneaker sole, dries in seconds, and provides instant, sustainable traction. Athletes can now make quicker moves, be more explosive, and play with confidence without having to worry about court conditions. 



official athlete care of the NBA