Anthem House

A new residential and retail concept that arrived to Locust Point in 2016.

Part nod to Baltimore's history (it's the birthplace of the National Anthem), part rallying cry, the name Anthem House evokes the feeling of camaraderie, celebrates the spirit of creativity, and honors the inspirations that drive each of us. An anthem is both individual and deeply personal — like your living space — and also something you share with your community. Anthems bring people together, and there's no better place for them to gather than in a House designed to honor that vibrant spirit, and inspire a spirited life.


say it, sing it, chant it, shout it -
your anthem is yours to celebrate.
your house is where you live it out loud

your journey. your life. your anthem.

catered to your personal theme and lifestyle, Anthem House
becomes anextension of who you are, how you live and what you want
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